Laundry expert shares washing machine trick to save £24 on your energy bills

With utility bills rising amid the cost of living crisis this winter, everyone is on the look out for ways to slash prices and save money wherever they can. We recently heard from a heating bill expert about the best way to get the most out of your central heating over the coming months (don’t put your curtains over the radiators) and now a laundry expert has shared their top tips for getting the most out of washing machine cycles.

Appearing on the latest episode of Secrets Of Your Supermarket Shop on Channel 5, Dr Kyle Grant, the founder of laundry service Oxwash, shared his best advice on washing machines with presenters Alexis Conran and Angellica Bell. During the episode, Dr Grant explained a simple way to help cut some money off your energy bills.

The expert explained that one of the best ways to save money is to just change the setting on your wash cycles and decrease the temperature on your machine.

Following their chat with Dr Grant, Alexis explained further to viewers, saying: “Putting your wash on cold is fine for lightly soiled clothes.

“Switching from 40 degrees to 30 degrees saves 38% energy per year, cutting £13 off the yearly bill.

“Going down to 20 degrees saves 62% or a whopping £24.”

They added that as well as saving you some money, doing this would make organising your washing a little easier as you wouldn’t have to worry so much about separating all your colours.

The laundry expert added: “A lot of dyes and pigments that exist on fabrics typically only start to come out at higher temperatures.

“As long as you’re washing at low temperatures, you don’t really need to split.”

As well as doing this, making sure your washing machine is kept nice and clean will ensure your clothes get a good wash and you don’t have to put them through another cycle – costing you more.

To do this, be sure to check you’re cleaning out the filter and keeping it all in working order – as it seems many might forget to do this.