‘Scariest job in the world’ up for grabs but it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted

Most people want a job that challenges them either mentally or physically – but would you be interested in a role that puts your bravery to the test?

Tourist attraction The Dungeons is advertising a new role which has been deemed the “scariest job in the world”.

Ahead of Halloween, the company, which has sites in London, Blackpool, Edinburgh and York, is on the lookout for an official scare-tester, to guarantee all its shows across the country are as eerily exciting as possible.

The official scare-tester will be put through their paces at each attraction, experiencing the spooky Halloween shows in all their gory glory.

They will have four experiences to test, one at each of the Dungeon sites.

At The Edinburgh Dungeon, the new recruit will test the new Dinner of the Dead event, where visitors are summoned to a traditional Celtic harvest feast where an empty place has been laid to welcome back lost loved ones, as the line between living and dead is at its thinnest on this day.

In London, there is a new horror show at one of the city’s most haunted buildings, 50 Berkley Square while in York the successful candidate will participate in a séance shows where dark spirits are set to be conjured.

And last but not least it will be a trip to Blackpool for their new Grim Reaper attraction.

Kathryn Angel, general manager at The Edinburgh Dungeon, said: “The Dungeons are the Home of Halloween and this year we really have gone all out. Our Halloween shows are steeped in local history – bringing the spookiest and most ominous tales of our towns and cities to life.

“This year we are setting a challenge for one of our (unluckiest) Dungeon fans to visit and experience our scariest Dungeon Halloween shows ever.

“We are happy to help the successful applicant visit each Dungeon during October but even our most seasoned Dungeon dwellers may falter, we would like our scare-tester to show us they are brave enough to make it through all four Dungeons.

“We recommend only the most courageous peasants apply – it’s not named ‘the scariest job in the world’ for nothing!”