No Man’s Sky 4.0 trailer shows off streamlined UI and new relaxed mode

Sci-fi adventure No Man’s Sky makes its debut on the Nintendo Switch today, and alongside that launch comes the next major update, bringing the game up to version 4.0.

Dubbed “Waypoint,” it’s the 21st free update for the game (it’s available across all platforms, not just the Switch), and it includes a number of notable features like a streamlined save system, improved inventory, a new relaxed mode, and an increased level cap for longtime spacefarers. Many of the changes are designed to make the game easier to pick up and play, given its new portable home. In an interview with The Verge earlier this week, Hello Games’ Sean Murray described the update as a chance to “focus on some of the fundamentals” of the game.

The “waypoint” expansion is just one of many updates to the game just this year, including the addition of space whales, gigantic freighters, and big changes for combat. It’s enough to make me want to start up my No Man’s Sky diary again.