Police officer fired after shooting 17-year-old multiple times in McDonald’s car park

A police officer has been fired after shooting a teenager in a McDonald’s car park.

Shocking footage of the incident filmed on the officer’s body-worn camera shows officer James Brennard, 25, approach the door of the parked car before opening it.

He asks the 17-year-old boy, who has been identified as Erik Cantu, to get out the car.

The occupant, a teenage boy, can be seen eating a burger and questions the officer’s command. He then reaches for the gear stick and the car begins to reverse. It is unclear if this was intentional or because the boy had removed his foot from the pedal.

The officer then fires at least 11 rounds at the boy and then at the car as it drives off.

The driver reportedly stopped down the road before being taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Erik Cantu remains in a critical condition after being repeatedly shot.

Initially, the officer reported he had been struck by the vehicle in the car park of a McDonald’s in the Texas city of San Antonio, but the footage appears to refute this.

Following a review of the shooting, San Antonio Police Department announced they had fired the probationary police.

Brennand had served on the force for seven months before the incident on Sunday October 2. A former soldier, he had been commended for his firearm skills while in the police academy

Officer Brennand had been at the McDonald’s on an unrelated call when he noticed “a maroon vehicle that evaded from him the night prior”.

The driver of the vehicle, 17, was initially charged with evading detention and assault on a police officer but these charges were later dropped.

There was a female passenger in the car who was unharmed during the incident.

In 2021 over 1,000 people were killed by police in the US, the highest figure in recent years.